Five of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Best & Most Powerful Quotes

What a woman we’ve lost, but what an incredible character we can learn from!

As I look over the legacy this woman left us I feel an incredible kinship with the mighty leader Ruth Bader Ginsburg was.

So here’s my five favourite quotes of her’s that I think are incredibly powerful.


Yes! That’s it! That’s exactly the person I strive to be daily and who wouldn’t want to be remembered that way?

There is absolutely no doubt that this is exactly how she’ll be remembered.


Now isn’t that so true! All those 23 years I was bullied, gave me great empathy for others, helped me see what I did and didn’t want in life and who it was I wanted to be.

If you can turn negative into positive you can practically turn water into wine!


Yes! Yes! Yes! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to read! As a child I devoured books at a shocking rate, often on the topics you least expected! And now I’m still an avid reader and it’s taken me places I could never have imagined and opened doors I couldn’t have possibly dreamt of!


Life is very precious, it took me losing my mom to cancer at the age 66 to learn that tomorrow was not promised and that being in a life that made you unhappy was definitely no way to live.


110%! Doing things in anger is not only a sure fire way to not be operating at the top of your IQ but also a fabulous way to ensure you make a bunch of enemies and in the long run it’s counter productive to your end goal.

We need more Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s — of that there is no doubt.

Are you going to use your voice to fight for things that are important to you, and use whatever talent you have to the best of you ability?