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You think I’m joking don’t you, but I’m not, I’m being deadly serious!

Earlier this year Dai & I had tickets to see a Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers tribute act at the local theatre and being daring I decided for the first time in my life I’d wear the shortest hemline I’d ever attempted.

Coming from a background of being told I was fat and being strictly prohibited from wearing anything higher than mid-calf I thought ‘what the heck’ and stepped out in style.

What happened next left us with a night to remember!

Now, I’m a massive Dolly Parton fan as everyone knows but I hadn’t quite banked on my presence significantly lowering the average age of the audience. …


Jessie Shedden

Jessie Shedden is a chicken-loving, cult-escaping badass woman, sought-after speaker and inspirational author of Tomorrow’s Not Promised —

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